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About 'No Use Empty (West)'

The West of England Housing Partnership has joined forces with the Kent County Council ‘No Use Empty’ scheme in its drive to get more unused private housing back on the market. This will enable valuable sharing of experience, expertise and targeted resources, including the development of this new, easier to use, website.

Over five years ago Kent County Council launched its ‘No Use Empty’ campaign and has achieved significant success in bringing empty properties back into use. In that time the initiative, which works to provide much-needed homes for families across Kent, has brought 1,627 homes back into use and is targeting at least 600 more properties before 2013.  

In Bristol, for example, tackling the shortage of housing is one of the most important challenges facing the city and bringing empty homes into use is an essential means to reduce this gap. Bristol alone has 1,500 empty properties at any one time.

No Use Empty (West) consists of Empty Homes offices in the four West of England local authorities:
  1. Bath & North East Somerset
  2. Bristol City Council
  3. North Somerset Council
  4. South Gloucestershire Council

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404 empty properties were brought back into use in 2010/11 in Bristol.
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