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Interested Purchasers & Developers List

We have developed an initiative to assist owners who wish to sell, by putting them in contact with developers or individuals who are interested in purchasing these properties in order to provide residential accommodation for themselves or for sale or to let. 


We maintain a list of interested purchasers/developers that we can send to owners who wish to sell their empty property. 


If you would like to have your details included in a list of interested purchasers and for your contact details to be forwarded directly to owners thinking about selling, then register today on the Interested Purchasers & Developers List. 


Alternatively if you have spotted an empty property which you are interested in purchasing from the empty properties for sale page then you can also register your interest by completing an electronic form

Please note: No Use Empty (West) take no part in and accept no responsibility for any voluntary negotiations for sale.

If you have any queries or wish to be removed from the Interested Purchasers & Developers List please contact No Use Empty (West), on: 0117 3525010 or e-mail:


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Rent with Confidence
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In North Somerset 42 long term empty properties were brought back into use and a further 137 shorter term empties were helped back into use through their Deposit Bond Scheme.
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