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Buying an Empty Property

Are you interested in buying a property? Empty properties can provide an excellent opportunity for people who are interested in renovation. They can also be a bargain.

Knowing where to start with a property purchase and how to negotiate might sound daunting but No Use Empty (West) can offer advice and support to help steer potential home-buyers through the process.

How can I find an empty property to buy?

There are several options:

  1. View our Empty Property for Sale page.
  2. Register with Estate Agents.
  3. Attend sales at regional Auctions
  4. Register on our Interested Purchasers & Developers List.
  5. When you’re travelling around - keep a look out and spot the signs.
Land and property on this website is advertised for the owner. When we are approached by an individual who is interested in purchasing a property that we are aware of, we are able to pass their onto the registered owner, so that they can contact them directly. It is then a private matter between the two parties.

Download more on Buying and Selling Empty Properties. This includes information on:
  • How to find an empty property
  • How to spot empty properties
  • Purchasing an empty property you've spotted
  • Tracing the owner of an empty property
  • Joining the list of Interested Purchasers of empty properties in the area.

Rent with Confidence
Bristol City Council, in conjunction with Bath and North ...

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In North Somerset 42 long term empty properties were brought back into use and a further 137 shorter term empties were helped back into use through their Deposit Bond Scheme.
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